What is a B Corporation?

The B Corp movement began in 2006 by three like-minded individuals who sought to make businesses a force for good and to change the rules of the economic system. Today, certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. To remain a certified B Corp, a business must recertify every three years and show that they meet or exceed the evolving requirements of the B Impact Assessment. Committing to becoming a B Corp and maintaining B Corp certification requires businesses to continue to adapt their practices over time to achieve higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

Choose to B at PSB

Piscataqua Savings Bank is proud to be one of 167 certified B Corporations in New England, and one of just 14 in New Hampshire. By becoming a certified B Corp, this means that we are committed to putting people and planet over profit, doing our part to continuously ensure that our practices are benefiting our community and local environment. We choose to B at PSB because we have been dedicated to serving our community since the company’s creation in 1877, and we are proud to take this commitment one step further through the B Corp certification process. To learn more about how we use business as a force for good, see these key takeaways from our 2021 Impact Report

New Hampshire B Corporations

We are grateful to be one of the 14 certified B Corporations in New Hampshire, sharing this certification with some other incredible local companies. Below, you can find some of our neighboring B Corporations driving economic change in New Hampshire. 

Pete & Gerry’s Organics

Pete & Gerry’s Organics, located in Monroe, NH, obtained their certification in 2013, making them the world’s first B Corp certified egg farm. The company is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals, the preservation of their family farm and landscape, and sustainable practices from production to packaging. By choosing to follow responsible business practices and their organic farming model, Pete & Gerry’s strives to raise the bar in their industry for animals and farmers alike, recruiting other small family farms and helping them to avoid the trap of factory farming.

Scratch Supply Co.

Scratch Supply Co, located in Lebanon, NH, provides local craftspeople with sustainably sourced supplies. As an independently owned business, Scratch Supply is dedicated to supporting causes and local nonprofits that impact the world in a positive way. They invest in their local communities through a variety of partnerships, programs, and the donation of at least 2% of their profits each year, as well as their newly implemented Buy One Plant One program to address reforestation in vulnerable areas. In addition, the company strives to support other small businesses, sourcing their products from companies with fewer than 50 employees and predominantly female, BIPOC/CCIMP, and LGBTQ+ makers.


The Badger Company, located in Gilsum, NH, joined the B Corp movement in 2011 on their journey to create a healthier world through their line of organic body care products. This family-owned and woman-led business sources the ingredients to make their products from minimally processed, natural suppliers that share their passion for regenerative and sustainable agriculture. The company showcases their environmental efforts by working to reduce their carbon impact to zero, sourcing and manufacturing products that have a minimal impact on the environment, and their work on coral reef conservation. Badger’s emphasis on universal equity, fair living wages, and a holistic approach to work-life balance creates an honest and supportive working environment for their employees.


Placework, our closest neighbor located in Portsmouth, NH, is the first architecture studio in the state to obtain their B Corp certification. Placework strives to change the relationship between buildings and the natural environment from one that is destructive to one that is regenerative, creating transformative designs that benefit people and the planet alike. Though they obtained their certification in 2022, positive community impact and environmental responsibility have been part of the Placework philosophy since its conception. Hoping to shift the architectural perception from ‘do less harm’ to proactively doing good, Placework emphasizes the importance of social and environmental justice throughout all of their projects. 

Richardson Media Group

Richardson Media Group, a woman-owned agency specializing in media planning and buying and SEO, achieved their B Corp certification in January 2022. Founder Anne Richardson began the certification process in the interest of following a more meaningful and intentional path for future professional growth. Richardson Media Group’s foundation is built upon a commitment to doing business with purpose and to upholding the tenants of the B Lab mission. Using their team’s knowledge, expertise, talents, access to technology and combined energy, experience and enthusiasm, Richardson Media group shares messages about the importance of sustainability and social responsibility through their agency communication channels. 

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