Piscataqua Savings Bank is the proud supporter of over 110 Seacoast area nonprofits. We’re highlighting a few of the nonprofits doing incredible, critical work in our Seacoast community with our Seacoast Spotlight Series. Next up in our spotlight is the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County.


The Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County (CACRC) is a nonprofit organization that works in conjunction with local police, child protection services, the county attorney’s office, victim advocates, and mental and medical health providers to nurture a community where children are safe and where justice for victims of sexual and physical abuse can be obtained. 

CACRC takes a multidisciplinary approach to serve the needs of these children and their families by functioning as a service hub. They offer a neutral place where interviews and services for children are provided, connect children and families with needed community resources, and coordinate multidisciplinary teams for the child’s benefit. CACRC also does outreach work to educate the community and partner agencies on how to prevent child abuse. Parents and guardians can find a multitude of resources on their website including age-appropriate body safety videos for children and information for parents on how to protect children from online predators.

History of the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County

The Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County opened its doors in Portsmouth in January of 2000, becoming the model for all developing Child Advocacy Centers in New Hampshire. Since then, CACRC has served over 7,900 children.

Before Child Advocacy Centers, a child was subjected to numerous interviews upon report of abuse, with some children having to recount traumatic experiences as many as nine times to different agencies and state entities. When a child victim is interviewed so many times, it only increases trauma. 

Having a Child Advocacy Center benefits the greater community, as the National Children’s Alliance reports that in municipalities where a Child Advocacy Center is utilized, there is a 40% increase in successful prosecution of child abuse cases. Child Advocacy Centers also have a positive long term effect on outcomes for abused children, as studies have found that children suffering abuse who do not receive a strong intervention are 67 times more likely to become juvenile offenders.

How to Support the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County

Piscataqua Savings Bank is a proud supporter of the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County’s mission to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of children affected by abuse and violent crime. You can support CACRC’s fight against child abuse by making a charitable donation online, or visit their website to learn more about how to get involved. CACRC also accepts in-kind donations of juice boxes, individually-packaged snacks (such as Goldfish, granola bars, etc.), small bottled waters, subscriptions to family magazines (such as Highlights, Sports Illustrated Kids, etc.), and new stuffed animals to help make kids feel safe and comfortable.


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