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Loan services to enrich our community.

When you get a loan with us, you’re not just making a smart financial decision, you’re making a difference. That’s because our profits go back into the community, not into a bigwig’s pocket. Plus, there’s no waiting for approval from the “main branch.” It all happens right here with people you know and trust.

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Loans tailored to your needs by the people who know you.

Piscataqua Savings Bank is honored to have served the Seacoast region of New Hampshire and Southern Maine since 1877, prioritizing our customers and community. We are proud of the friendly banking environment that we have created and  the relationships that we have built with our customers.

When you approach us to get a loan, it’s important to us that you know we see you as a person, not a number. Whether you’re looking for a home equity loan, a second mortgage, or second home financing, we look for solutions that are a fit for your unique needs and ensure that our loan rates are competitive.

A Leader In Lending

We take great pride in being one of Seacoast New Hampshire and Maine’s leading home mortgage lenders. We prioritize transparent, prompt communication and offer competitive loan rates. Perhaps most importantly, our loans are true portfolio loans. That means that your loan originates with us and stays with us.

Mortgage Loans

Piscataqua Savings Bank offers the advantage of both conforming and non-conforming mortgage loans.

Consumer Loans

From automobile to collateral, we offer a wide range of flexible consumer loans for our customers.

Home Equity Loans

We offer an all-purpose solution with the only loan you’ll ever need, including HELP, or HomeEquity Line Plus.

Unique Offerings

Because there is no “standard loan” that can work for every individual customer, we offer a variety of customized loan options.


  • Prequalification “on the spot,” at no charge
  • Preapproval in 48 hours or less, at no charge
  • Competitive loan rates
  • Tailored terms to fit your personal loan needs

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Meet Our Loan Officers

We are experts in the language of home loans. Don’t hesitate to contact any one of our knowledgeable team members directly to see how we can find the right product for your unique needs.

Paul D. Alix

VP / Senior Loan Officer

NMLS: 845003

Neil Cremin

Loan Officer

NMLS: 905753

Cheri DeLorge

Loan Officer

NMLS: 785692

The best at what we do, for you.

That’s why we survey current loan rates closely to make sure we consistently offer great rates and low fees. We refuse to nickel and dime our customers and all our charges are simple and easy to understand. Low rates and superior service for all of your personal banking needs: that’s the Piscataqua Savings Bank difference.

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