eAlerts can be a useful tool for staying on top of your finances, monitoring your accounts for any suspicious or fraudulent activity, and even for keeping an eye on your teen or young adult’s spending habits while they learn to make sound financial decisions.

Setting up eAlerts is easy: when you log into the Piscataqua online banking portal, you will see a section for managing messages. This is where you can set up alerts and receive messages. From here, you can choose to receive the message in the online banking system, via email, or by text message.

eAlerts help you to manage your funds to simply and efficiently., ensuring that you won’t miss any updates related your accounts. eAlerts can be tailored to your needs, and what you deem most important to you. Whether it’s a low account balance warning or a check clearing, eAlerts help you stay on top of your finances with ease.

Using eAlerts to Manage Your Finances

Worried about whether that check cleared, or wondering if your funds are low? You can set up eAlerts to notify you when money has been deposited or deducted from your account. You can also customize your alerts to notify you when your balance goes below a certain amount. You can even request to be notified of pending credits or debits. Setting up these alerts allows you to skip logging in to check your accounts while still staying on top of any changes to your account, offering greater peace of mind.

Staying Alert for Fraud

eAlerts can also help you to monitor and prevent fraud. With eAlerts, you can be warned when changes or unusual activity have occurred on your account. For example, if you receive a notification for a purchase you don’t recognize, you can contact your bank immediately to freeze your account before a scammer with your information drains your account. For more on staying alert for fraud, check out our blog series on spotting fraud, protecting yourself from fraud, and what to do if you are a victim of fraud.

eAlerts for Parents

eAlerts can be a helpful tool for parents who want their teens or young adults to start taking responsibility for their finances, without losing the ability to keep an eye on their account balances below a certain amount. You may want to include your teen or young adult in receiving eAlerts, so they can learn to use eAlerts to track their spending and know when they’ll need to deposit more in to their account

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