Are you still paying your bills by cash or check? Piscataqua Savings Bank’s online bill payment feature is a safe and easy way to stay on top of all of your bills without the hassle of mailing individual checks or cash to multiple vendors.

Why Start Paying Bills Online

Online bill payment makes it easier to keep track of your monthly bills, set up automatic payments to avoid late fees or missed payments, and creates a digital record of your payments for peace of mind. While many billers offer the ability to pay online through their websites, this can leave you with a bunch of different logins to keep track of, and increases your risk of your account or personal data being compromised or stored unsafely. Paying your bills through Piscataqua Savings Bank’s secure online or mobile banking services allows you to keep track of all your bills and payments in one place. There’s no need to pay a Comcast bill on Comcast’s website, a Wells Fargo credit card with Wells Fargo bill pay, then write a check to your landlord. Instead, you could do it all from Piscataqua’s website or mobile app. Online bill payment also saves time, money, and paper waste compared to mailing individual checks to different billers.

Paying bills through online banking is also safer than mailing a check. An envelope in the mail could be lost or stolen. Think about what is included in that envelope – your name, address, phone number and account number. In the wrong hands, this information can be used to steal your identity. When you pay online, your personal information does not get sent with the payment. 

How To Get Started Paying Your Bills Online

To get started, visit Piscataqua Savings Bank’s online banking enrollment page for easy access to your accounts. You can access e-bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can see 18 months of history and can create categories for your transactions. Be sure to retain the statements the bank mails you or sign up for e-statements to receive your statements directly online where you can download them to your computer. You can also download transactions in Excel or Quicken.  

Once enrolled, you can login to your bank account and navigate to the online bill pay feature. If you haven’t paid the biller or service provider through online bill pay before, you’ll need to add it by plugging in the account number and billing address, then authorizing Piscataqua Savings Bank to send payments for you. Once you’ve added a biller, you can choose to manually send payments or set up automatic payments. Keep in mind that it may take a few days for payments to process, so schedule payments to go out before the bill’s due date. Automated payments are best suited to bills that are the same amount each month, such as mortgage payments, insurance premiums or entertainment services. Automated payments can save time and relieve concerns about forgetting a bill and incurring late fees or finance charges. For variable costs such as utility bills, you can set reminders to login and pay on your phone or a calendar.

If you choose to set up automatic payments, be sure to set aside some time each month to confirm they’ve gone through and to keep track of any changes, such as price increases or billing date changes.

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