Are you unhappy with your bank? Maybe they haven’t been transparent about their fees and services, or perhaps you’re seeking a more personalized banking experience with engaged and friendly service. Switching banks can seem like a big hassle—and while it does require some planning and coordination, it’s the right move if your current bank isn’t meeting your needs.

Why You Should Switch To Piscataqua Savings Bank

As a mutual savings bank we do what is in the best interest of you, our customer. Being a Certified B Corporation, we are held to a standard of putting people and planet over profit. With this approach we have created a bank with a reputation for outstanding customer service by doing what’s right for not only our customers, but our employees and our community as well. This focus is the driving factor in the Bank’s culture and the basis for the Bank’s reputation for outstanding customer service and doing right by our customers, community and employees.

You might think a local bank won’t offer the same level of technology and at-your-fingertips access that a nationwide bank does, but Piscataqua Savings Bank offers all the features you expect like online banking, depositing checks via mobile app, and more while maintaining the high-level of customer service our community knows us for. As an independent, community institution we are dedicated to our customers and the services we provide to them and are always looking for ways to make Portsmouth a better place.

At Piscataqua Savings Bank, profits stay within the community: through donations to community schools, charitable causes, and local events, and in offering depositors lower rates on loans and higher rates on deposits. In the last ten years, Piscataqua Savings Bank has donated over $1 million to local organizations.

How To Switch To Piscataqua

The first step in switching from your current bank to Piscataqua is to establish your new account. We offer the ability to open a new account online but highly recommend coming in to talk with one of our knowledgeable bankers to determine which account type(s) best suits your needs, get you set up with a new debit card, and can walk you through setting up online banking.  You will need to make a small deposit to open the account.  

Next, you’ll want to switch any automatic transactions over to your new account. This includes direct deposit, bills set to autopay, and any subscription services. Having a recent bank statement nearby for this part of setting up your new account will make the process much easier. Set up payments and  transfers from your new account. 

After all your automatic payments have been switched to your new account,  you’ll want to transfer any remaining funds from the accounts you’re closing to your new account(s). This can be done several ways. You could withdraw cash, you could ask for an official check, or you could set up a bank to bank transfer. 

When you finally get to closing your past bank account, make sure to ask for written verification of the account closure. This written verification is your protection in the event your former bank allows a deposit or debit transaction to go through, triggering overdraft fees. Please note that some banks charge a fee for closing an account within a certain time frame of opening the account.

Don’t stick with a bank that’s not meeting your needs because switching seems inconvenient. With a little bit of organization and planning ahead, switching to a bank that has your best interests and the interests of your community at heart becomes a simple process. Our Customer Service Representatives are ready to help every step of the way.

Portsmouth’s Mutual Savings Bank Since 1877

Piscataqua Savings Bank has proudly served the Portsmouth community as a mutual savings bank since 1877. We are an independent community bank dedicated to personally helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals while supporting the communities where we live and work. Visit us at 15 Pleasant Street in Portsmouth, NH today to get started banking with Piscataqua, or open an account online at

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