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Piscataqua Savings Bank expanded its services to better assist its customers in 1995 by establishing our Trust & Investment Department.
We understand the value of longstanding relationships.
Like everything we do, our focus is on providing highly personalized service. We understand the value of longstanding relationships and are proud to say that our customers rely on us for results-oriented, risk-controlled investment strategies and coordinated services with other professionals all in one place.

In today's ever-changing marketplace of acquisitions and mergers, we know how rare it is to find an institution as dedicated as we are to developing solid relationships with our customers that last for generations.

Please browse our website for information and call us for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can address your needs.

Piscataqua Savings Bank

Trust & Investment Department

15 Pleasant Street, 2nd Floor
Portsmouth, NH 03801

603.430.2955 or 800.286.5254
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays or by appointment.

Please Note: e-mail to and from us is not secure. Customers should not e-mail us sensitive, personal identifying information such as account numbers. We will not respond to any request requiring us to e-mail personal identifying information.

Our Difference

Protecting You and Your Family

Piscataqua Savings Bank expanded its services to better assist its customers in 1995 by establishing our Trust and Investment Department.

Finding an advisor who is truly there for you can happen at Piscataqua Savings Bank. Our trust and investment officers are located right here on the Bank's second floor, so there is no need to communicate with a remote third party in another city. We know our customers and really care about what happens to you. We guide you through life's obstacles so you're in control. The financial future of your family requires good planning now so that the future unfolds the way you envision.

They were very conscientious, worked diligently and made sure any portion of the process was clear and understandable to us. - Walter L.

You can rely on us for routine banking and your long-term financial needs all in one location with people who care. Our advisors are accessible. So, let's talk about life - literally. We are your total resource for trusts, investment management, estate planning and retirement needs. Experience the Piscataqua difference in the way we focus completely on personalized advice and service and never try to sell commission-based products that don't serve your lifetime goals.

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