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What's happening at Piscataqua Savings Bank?

When you enter the Bank you will find some things have changed. People aren't where they use to be, furniture has moved and there are some open spaces.

Answer: We are preparing for a renovation project.

New front counter.

A number of years ago, the Board of Trustees determined that the four buildings we own need updating to improve customer access to our services and to provide space for current and future growth.

Access will be improved by moving the entrance at the rear of the Bank so that customers can walk directly into the lobby where our tellers and customer service representative staff will be located. Also, an elevator will be installed to allow better access to the upper floors which will include the Trust Department.

New waiting area.

Although this will be a major renovation, we know that it is important to maintain some of the current features and traditions that make Piscataqua Savings Bank different from other financial institutions. In 2015, the Bank engaged an interior design firm to help us with a 10 year space needs plan. During that process we also conducted a "Town Hall" meeting that included stakeholders such as Corporators, Trustees and staff to determine what was important to keep during a renovation. These collective wishes were incorporated into the design of our new space. The "River of Time", a wall sculpture created by local blacksmith Peter Happny with hand-blown glass inserts by David Bellantone; the mural of Portsmouth by Robert Charles Haun and all of the other artwork created by local artists that adorn the walls are just a few of the things that are treasured and will remain. Reclaimed boards from the upper levels of these circa 1800 buildings will be incorporated into the teller counters and some office flooring, again preserving and showcasing some of the unique characteristics of the existing buildings. The Kids' Bank window, which just celebrated 25 years in 2016, will be incorporated into the main teller area so that kids can do transactions in their own special place anytime, not just on Saturdays. The vestibule at the rear entrance will become a conservatory with a glass ceiling and plantings making for a bright and welcoming entrance. This conservatory with be a wonderful extension of the Bank's beautiful gardens. The teller area is being redesigned to improve the customer experience by lowering the teller counters and making stations more open and accessible. A gathering room is being incorporated that can also be used as a meeting space for local nonprofits after business hours. The end goal is to maintain as much of the traditional feel and look of the current Bank yet enable the Bank to provide services in a comfortable and inviting environment.

New ATM.

To accommodate staff and customers during the renovation we have rented office space at 30 Penhallow Street, Suite 200 East, right next door to the Bank parking lot. Those of you who have been around for a while know it to be the old police station. At this time, we have relocated Trust Department, Deposit Operations, Finance, Compliance and Audit personnel into that space until their new space is complete. Once the upper floors are complete, we will begin work on the first floor, walkup and vestibule. More people will be moved next door, including the Loan Department, once the first floor work begins.

Although there will be changes during and after the renovation, one thing won't change – the people that serve you here at Piscataqua Savings Bank. These are the same caring people that call you by name and know your family. Our goal is to continue to provide you the same great service during and after the renovations.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why are we renovating the Bank now?

A: Although there is never a good time for a renovation because of disruptions that can be caused by construction, the Board of Trustees feels that the time is right to improve customer access and to provide additional room for growth. Our main focus will be to continue our signature brand of service during this renovation and beyond. The renovations will only enhance our service to you by making our services easier to access.

Q: How long will the project take to complete?

A: We estimate that the project will take 14-15 months to complete, and hope to begin in September after permits and contractor bids have been received.

Q: Will the Bank remain open during the renovation?

A: Yes, we plan to remain open. We have moved some our staff next door to 200 East, 30 Penhallow Street. We will be doing the renovations in 6-7 phases so that services can continue throughout the renovation project.

Q: Where will I find the people to help me?

A: Our tellers and customer service representatives will remain in the lobby area throughout most of the project. Trust Department, Deposit Operations, Finance, Compliance and Audit personnel will be located at 200 East, 30 Penhallow Street until the 2nd and 3rd floors are complete, (estimated completion: March 2018). After March, you will find our Loan Department personnel at 200 East, 30 Penhallow Street while work finishes on the first floor.

Q: How will I benefit as a customer when the project is done?

A: You will have better access to the services you seek. When you enter from the parking lot you will walk right into the lobby where you will have access to Tellers, Customer Service Representatives and the Loan Department. You will also have access to an elevator that will take you up to the new location of the Trust Department on the 2nd floor.

Q: What can I expect to remain the same after the renovation?

A: You will still find the works of local artists like the "River of Time", the Portsmouth mural, and the many paintings currently hanging on our walls. You will still find senior officers, including the President, on the main floor with open doors to answer your questions and welcome your comments. But most of all, you will still have the same caring staff that call you by name and know your family. We hope that you will come and visit us during the construction so we can share the excitement!

New entryway.

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